San Diego life style

No 4th in Canada

So what’s an American to do in Sidney. Go to the super Salish Sea Aquarium. So beautifully and thoughtfully put together. Great docents …incredible displays …fun interactive activities. Send Kim out whale watching …looking for Orcas …they found them.

Go shopping. We were headed for the bookstores. Sidney is officially designated a book town because of the number of bookstores 6. So We went in the first one and both ended up focusing on the antiques instead of the books. Linda bought a beautifully carved black Irish Bog Oak box for her box collection. I couldn’t resist an Alaskan Black Diamond ring. OMG it is Gorgeous. I guess you could say it’s for my ring collection. I can’t have it yet …I have to wait for it to be sized for my pinkie finger. Store owner said I needed a ring..agreed.

Then to Haro’s for some music, red wine and munchies. It’s Thursday so of course must go to the street market. Found the scone lady with her unending line…it is amazing… said hi. Had a nice chat with her husband …San Diegan he was born in Poway. Found the Knackers super Irish Band.

Cold and tired we called it a night. Flipped on the tv and found the fourth in New York. Great fireworks. So watched great firework show choreographed to music. Happy Fourth of July. Did it all.

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