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Living Close To Nature

So in Sidney changes in nature let you see the world and how it is evolving. Last year I missed seeing deer everywhere. The first year I saw many deer. Happy to see the deer are back. I almost hit one on the way to the airport as it crossed the road. Then pulled over yesterday to watch a Doe and her two babies heading across the road. That is such good news. I’m looking forward. to many more sightings while I am here this year.

Linda and I encouraged her daughter Kim to go whale watching. I was positive she would see orcas… no problem. Well luckily she did see orcas and was happy with the adventure. This morning I am reading the paper and the headline… it says orcas back after 8 week no show. Hmm. They travel in pods and they’ve been named J-pod, k-pod, and L-pod. There are only 76 down from 98 in 1995. Two calves were born this year…first successful births since 2016.

I went to visit the eagle’s nest that was so spectacular the first summer I was here. That year there were two eagles and a baby red hawk. All hatched together…there was lots of speculation excitement as to how the hawk would fare. Last year there were two baby eagles and all seemed well … nothing spectacular. This year sad news no hatching eagles. Another pair of eagles arrived and kicked the original pair out. Then they attempted unsuccessfully to raise their own. Were lost from the nest. That was bad news … always such a fun neighborhood activity to check on the eagles.

Looking forward to what else I discover this year. The pastor of the church I found up here announced that starting next Sunday she will be preaching sermons about Connecting with nature …That’s super. As part of that every Friday she will meet parishioners at the pier to go on a 40 minute nature. What a cool idea…I plan to join them sounds wonderful. Haven’t bumped into the cougar and bears that supposedly roam around here. I heard tell that a cougar was found in the garage of the Empress Hotel in Victoria. That must have been exciting.

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