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Not Cancelled Due to Rain

Some recent events have been rained on. So my question was is it going to be cancelled? Yesterday we had rain and I wondered if the planned Hospital Bed Races and then the concert at the Band shell on Beacon Street was going to be cancelled. No way for both of them. Canadians do not let a little rain stop them.

I brought my umbrella and headed down Beacon Street. I noticed no one had raised their umbrella so I walked in the sprinkles also. Then I thought that was silly and put my umbrella up. Eventually everyone put up the umbrellas.

The race is a fund raiser for local health organizations. Teams are formed and raise funds for the charity. One person on the team rides on the bed..”The jockey.” The grand prize is a Golden Bed Pan. The streets were lined with people cheering them on. Lots of fun in spite of the rain.

Then it was time for the outdoor concert on the grass at the Bandstand in Beacon Park. Surely that would be cancelled …nope. So I parked and joined them on the grass with my umbrella in the rain. Two very talented gals were performing. They were really good. One of the best renditions of Orange Blossom Special I have ever heard. Too bad crowd was not super big.

I learned how to use an umbrella when you sit in the rain for awhile. You tip your umbrella and shake it …The rain looks really cool pouring off the top of the umbrella. It looked like fun so I did it too. Truth is I have almost never used an umbrella and so have no umbrella skills. Learning. Looks like there will be more opportunities in future weather …rainy days.

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