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Along Robert’s Bay

Just a block and a half from my place. Such a wonderful place with so much life. I sat down on a log and enjoyed the beauty and the peace. Birds singing, sail boats passing by, total solitude. The sun beating down on my back. Oh it felt so wonderful.

If I get up early enough… hasn’t happened yet…but is a goal. I would see a beautiful sunrise. That was my final view as I left Sidney last summer…incredible sunrise over the mountains.

Then along came some beautiful little girls and their Mom skipping along with their “water shoes” on in and out of the pools of water. After they sat we started talking …turns out they had just moved to Sidney. Only been here one week. Mom said kids were anxious to make friends.

Sshe told how they had walked along the bay the other day and heard the beautiful voice of a woman singing and playing the piano. It was so incredible…I told her I think I know who that was…Edie Daponte…she lives near here. I told her about a song she wrote about Sidney…Little Town by the Sea…I played it for her. Sure enough she recognized Edie’s voice. Wish I had been there listening I would love to hear her voice out across the bay.

Then there was a mom with her three little kids passing by. I called to the woman and said. These guys have just moved here…new to the area. She and her kids stopped….came over introduced themselves and started talking. The kids like all kids became friends immediately. I heard the moms say how amazing and what a friendships forming. I left feeling happy that I had witnessed the beginning of a friendship for all. They were still enjoying as I left.

2 thoughts on “Along Robert’s Bay

    1. Can’t help it…but I love people. And also as you know never stop talking.

      Peggy Fleury

      On Wed, Jul 10, 2019, 3:28 PM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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