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Canadians are soooo nice

Truth is it is hard to get used to. I just did the most American thing and I got the most Canadian response back. I was shopping and in the parking lot next to Tim Horton’s. I looked up and noticed a car in the next aisle with it’s trunk unlocked. Then I noticed a guy sitting in the next car reach over and fiddle with something at the handle of the car. So I got out of my car and I walked up to him and said, “What are you doing?” He said, “Eating my sandwich.” That is what he was doing. So why did you reach across to this car and fiddle around the door? Because the trunk is unlocked and I was leaving a note to tell them. I didn’t know if it was open on purpose or not. I looked and sure enough a note was tucked in the door handle. Oh …let me open the trunk further and see if I see a reason to keep it open. (An American thing to do). All I saw was a set of golf clubs so I shut it.

Then I went back to apologize to the hard working man on his lunch break. I tried to explain how it looked from a distance watching him. Then the lady who owned the car came back and heard the story and went over and thanked him. Thank God.

How embarrassing to react like an American instead of a nice thoughtful Canadian.

Besides that when I was shopping in the store I was picking up more than I could carry and headed to where they have little baskets stored to get one. As I reached for the basket I knocked down a packet of batteries. So I picked that up and started to hang it up when the lady next to me got the basket pulled up the handle and got it all ready to go for me to use. I was thinking I am ok I can get that …luckily that time I kept my mouth shut and told her thank you. Geez so ready to help at every turn.

Then driving back I came to the 4 way stop craziness. A car was to the right of me…I stopped…I waited…and then …oh well I just drove on. I still haven’t figured out when they will finally take their turn.

I kid you not…it is a challenge living among people who are automatically so nice. I love it…I admire it …and I hope someday to be part of it. It is something that makes me so happy about being here. So I am trying to become more Canadian.

Headed to my place for a Lolly. Maybe that will make me feel Canadian.

2 thoughts on “Canadians are soooo nice

    1. Yes you are are very polite…maybe you haven’t told me the secret are actually Canadian. 😊

      Peggy Fleury

      On Thu, Jul 11, 2019, 2:27 PM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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