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Music at the Government House

I enjoyed seeing the grounds and beautiful home just outside of downtown Victoria. It is located on 36 acres of land. Three times this month they invited the public to attend a concert on the lawn. Tonight was the second concert.. The Government House of British Columbia as in all other provinces is owned by the Queen…Elizabeth II. It is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia…currently Janet Austin. I just learned that. Need to get used to the Queen owning things here.

I plopped myself on the grass next to the row of chairs that said reserved. I had no idea who they could possibly be reserved for but I liked the spot in the front row. The lawn filled up and there was quite crowd as it neared time for the performance. I was sitting next to a couple from Massachusetts so neither of us knew much about the Government House. When I saw all the chairs empty …I commented …so who are these reserved for ..The Queen? Well almost…The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Ooops. Are we waiting for her grand entrance? Naw …I don’t think she is like that. A minute later the MC announced all rise for the entrance of the Honorable Janet Austin Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia then the bagpipes started up and in she came behind them. I looked over at my fellow American and cracked up. No big entrance ..hah!

She graciously got up on stage and welcomed us all to the Government House. She was towing her cute little white dog…turned out there were three cute little white dogs in the front row.

So before the show I had gone to the food trucks to grab a bite. A bunch of young guys showed up with coupons to get their eats. So I asked them why they had coupons. Turned out they were the band… So I questioned them more. I knew the band I thought I was seeing was older guys. They are the new Timebenders…still being coached in their performance by the original guys. All I can say about the band is imitation is not the same as the original.

The people I chatted with completely supported the new guys and said they were doing a good job. It is true the music was fun.

Her honorable Janet Austin joined the crowd dancing and even led the Conga line…that was fun to see. She brought her dog out on the dance floor. Fun for all. It was a super evening. The sun comes out every evening and beats down right before sunset…great for evening events.

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