San Diego life style

Ferries, Mainland and Islands

Today I took the ferry to the mainland and the Vancouver cruise terminal. It’s a car ferry and was a nice calm ride across. Most people eat their breakfast on the ferry while crossing in the morning. Then lunch or dinner on the ride back.

Living on an Island means a different mindset than the mainland.. Figuring out direction..North, South, East and West also a question.

Ferry skills are absolutely necessary. What does that mean: know the schedules of all the ferries, when and where they go…know how to make reservations and know costs. How early do you need to be there before sailing?

Several people are walk-ons as a continuation of their journey and bring their suitcases. Driving along the streets I often see people dragging their suitcases down the street. Always looks a little strange to me. The same thing happens in San Diego.

So coming back I got lost …really lost. The problem was I didn’t have a correct image in my head…The map I visualized was faulty…it was mainland uninteruppted. I forgot about all the islands around.

First I had poked around downtown Vancouver and noticed all the improvements for people riding bikes. Many more bikes than the last time I was in downtown. It was nice. Tried to find the casino and couldn’t.

Then I decided to head South on 99 to get to Twassen and the ferry. Found the South 99 and all was great on to Twassen. But then I came a V in the road and a decision I wasn’t prepared to make. I took the left…of course it should have been right. I figured I could just turn in the general direction I knew I should head and all would be great. I kept running into streets ending unexpectedly and then I would try again. No matter where I was starting I was getting the same directions. Very frustrating.

So I saw a Starbucks and the community was sweet so I stopped in for a snack and a do over. I sat at a counter by the window … there was a big ledge under the window and I rested my feet on the ledge. Oh that felt so comfortable and I started studying the map and my situation. A Dad came along and sat his cute little daughter there to wait while he got the food. She started watching me and looked under the counter to see how my feet were. Then she looked at her feet and tried to copy mine. She had to work at it because she could barely touch. Then when her Daddy came she proudly told her Dad how she was matching my feet. We both laughed. So cute.

Then looking at the map I had the big aha moment. I had driven on to an Island without realizing it. The only way to get on the right track was to retrace my travel and get off the island. How funny… I had no idea. With my new understanding it was easy ..Retraced my drive found the 99 S and in no time I was back at the ferry and ready to cross. Nice peaceful ride back to Sidney. Island Styling…and happy.,

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