San Diego life style

Down the Street & Backyard in Sidney

An amazing setting where I hang out in Canada. A block and a half is my bay….My Canada bay. Robert’s Bay

It is officially a bird sanctuary. The lady that told me that said she wished they could keep the dogs out. Actually I don’t agree. I love seeing the dogs walking their owners. The owners are being controlled and behave. 😂

The interesting part driving by is watching the changing tides. Sometimes It’s way up and other times out there. I can’t just pass…I stop to check it out…what is happening now and what is the latest neighborhood gossip. Not about people but what is going on in nature in the neighborhood. Love the way everyone is looking out and protecting and caring for their gardens.

My back yard is gorgeous thanks to the efforts and hard work of my landlady, Brenda and her assistant Geoff. Each year when they get back from their winter in the States they start putting in the garden. This time it is spectacular. The weather rain and sun helped it grow exceptionally well. What a pleasure to live in such a beautiful outdoor space. Thanks Brenda and Geoff for making my Canadian home so beautiful.

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