San Diego life style

Discovering Duncan, BC

Spent a couple of days in Duncan. Wonderful farm community.

Street market displaying amazing produce … this year has been a great year for growing.

It was the first time I had stopped since I actually drove right past it twice before. This time I stopped and visited a cousin and found all the great places and incredible lifestyle that’s Duncan. Wineries and vineyards were everywhere.

My cousin, Lou took me to some wonderful eating and gorgeous views at the local wineries.

Dennis and Lou are both artists and so went to an afternoon artist event. Visited with some of the local artists and enjoyed their sharing and support of each other. The Vancouver Islanders are busy and creative people. Lots of art and great music.

I have learned that farm fresh food is special and gobbled up one of the ladies from church’s raspberry jam with loads if raspberries. Yum.

I have decided that short days and weather that keeps you inside encourages a lot of creative activities.

Fun to experience small town life especially in a creative town with lots of interesting people in it.

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