San Diego life style

Finding the Solution

Took a quick trip back to San Diego for some family time and celebration. In the final hours before I returned I fell. I did a nice big face plant on the sidewalk. Of course I did not let that stop my going back to Sidney, BC.

There was no hiding the face damage but I traveled on anyway. The flights were smooth and on time. It felt so great to step off the plane and feel the cool fresh air of BC.

Seems like Sidney is a great place to heal. Many senior citizens here so they could relate to my fall with their most recent falls. Nice and quiet soon fell asleep and enjoyed catching up on my lost sleep.

Then the medical help puzzle. American in Canada and their medical system. First I went to the pharmacy and asked what they recommend putting on my wounds. Polysporin … an over the counter drug. Funny everyone, everywhere had the same answer…the restaurant owner, the hair dresser …even the ads on tv. Just happened that was what I had and was already using.

Then what to do about my badly scratched glassses. Stopped by an optician in town. She straightened them out but said there was nothing to do about the scratch. She sent me away to mostly wear dark glasses as late as I could each day then the scratched glasses at night. That was insane …I could barely tolerate such nonsense. Not returning to the US for a month. Starting thinking how to get glasses prescription to Canada and wondering if they would even accept it. I know they had not accepted US doctor prescription for medicine when I ran out last year.

Then I discussed the glasses issue with my landlady and she suggested a different spot for eye care. I found the most wonderful man. Locals always know. He was able to do something I didn’t know was possible … he put the scratched lens in his machine and read the amplification and knew exactly what the prescription was. Fantastic!

So then I just ordered a new pair of glasses. He called immediately to his lab and got them processing …this weekend is a Holiday in Canada …Province Day. So new glasses will be ready next week …I think. Then I told him about another pair of glasses I had in my apartment but the sides were tweaked. He said bring them to him …he would see what he could do. So I brought them to him…within 20 minutes he had them all fixed and I had glasses to wear. No charge. The first place I stopped told me there was nothing they could do. Definitely teaches you to keep checking with more then one spot before you give up.

Then it came time to pay for the glasses. He asked how much did I want to put down?..I just want to pay the whole thing…my magic credit card. Since Canadians have coverage that may seem strange… he tried to save me all he could on the lenses …wanted to save $30 by giving me heavier lenses…no thank you…just charge me …comfort matters. A little over $500 Canadian actually on my card a little over $400 US. My experience with Canadian medicine is outstanding…the attitude is quite different. Everything he suggested was to save me money…in the US everything they suggest adds to the cost. So now I will have two good pairs of glasses for a total cost of little over $400 US.

Yeah …I can see!! Puzzle solved and I learned about wonderful care here in Canada.

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