San Diego life style

Growing by Building Permit Rules

No doubt about it Sidney, BC is not a secret. In fact it has become quite the popular place to be. First they come as tourists. Then they fall in love with Sidney and decide to stay. That is a story I have heard many from people who moved to Sidney. It is on Vancouver Island so it is not the perfect place for everyone.

It is difficult for those who need to commute to work on the mainland. Early morning ferries and late evening ferries are full with those who do. Sidney is a great place for people

to own a second home and many do exactly that.

The city leaders have decided to work with the developers. What does that mean…variances are easily obtained when the builders want to build higher or closer or without providing adequate parking. Now permits are no longer granted for single family one level homes. Multi-resident buildings are going up everywhere. Old buildings are being torn down and new bigger ones built. What happened? The property became too valuable and demand for a place to live in such a beautiful place increased. The population has noticeably increased.

I used to walk into the nail salon and get taken within in a short time. Now I need an appointment and none are available for several days. The salon is busy and when I checked with the other salons the same was true for them. The same is true for hair appointments. The little movie theater was sold out the other evening and some had to come back the second night. I was there that night and those that had missed the first night were in line early. Next time I come there will be a brand new theater.

I dropped off a ring to be sized at the popular jeweler. They are backed up and it still is not ready. Finally had them note the date I would be headed back to San Diego. Now promised a couple of weeks before I leave.

Many new strata(condo) homes around the town. Sidney is changing fast. In the three years I have been coming here it is easy to see. It is still an incredible place and I love it. Everything always changes …so I will just enjoy…can’t stop progress.

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