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Canadians Don’t Pay to Park

Last night I went to downtown Victoria to an event celebrating BC Day (province day) expecting 40 thousand to attend. Victoria is the capitol of British Columbia .People told me maybe you should take the bus …there won’t be any place to park. To me that sounds crazy trying to get back to Sidney …fighting crowds for space on a bus after a large event.

I know the secret and drive right in to ample parking right in the heart of downtown I go to this parking every time. It is parking lot right next to the Parliament building in the middle of Victoria. There is a machine that charges $3 an hour. The event was free so $3 an hour is a minimum charge to attend. I am here to see The Splash …the Victoria Symphony orchestra performing on a barge in the Harbor. Fireworks and all kinds of excitement.

When I went to pay there was a man standing there helping people work the machine. I told him I love this parking lot and the fact that Canadians don’t want to pay…that really works for me. I was trying to calculate the number of hours I’d need and making sure I wouldn’t get towed. He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “I’m going home at 4…let me help you with that.” Only paid for a few hours. People everywhere are walking several blocks while I am in the closest possible parking. Second I watch people struggling carrying chairs…I have one in the car but I don’t take it. Sitting on the lawn works great. So I bring my water and stop at Starbucks for a tall drink with lots of ice. I walk right down to the front of the Harbor and grab a ringside seat on the lawn. Right up front. Then have tons of fun talking and meeting the people around me. I realize that eventually I ‘ll need food when one of the gals I had been talking with hands me a bag of popcorn. She said it is salted(very lightly) and she doesn’t want it. Super now I have food.

The place is beginning to fill up when the guy near me heads to Starbucks to get a drink for his wife. I gave him some money and ask if he could bring an Ice Coffee for me. He was gone a long time …said Starbucks was nuts. He got my iced coffee. Yeah!

Then later a gal I had chatted with for a long time was headed to the food trucks. I gave her some money and asked her to bring me a little nibble of something. Off she went. She was gone a really long time …eventually she came back with two steak tacos. She said the food trucks were crazy so she walked down to a restaurant sat down …had a nice meal and then came back. Perfect…then there were the leftovers…popcorn and one steak taco. I told the people near me they were to share with them. The guy that got the iced coffee for me ate the taco after his salmon burger and the ladies shared the popcorn.

It was absolutely gorgeous around the Harbor…the music was beautiful…Navy Band …bagpipes and the Symphony. Such fun…left just a few minutes before the end…beat the traffic crowd and headed back to Sidney happy.

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