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Remember Parties in the Kitchen

Those wonderful big kitchens with a center island always drew the party … hanging out chatting, laughing and munching. Sitting in the living room never worked ’cause everyone was in the kitchen. I still think when I see these homes with gorgeous kitchens. …”This house is built for entertaining.” Well apparently the trend is moving away from this kind of kitchen

Builders always follow what current life style dictates. Apparently scaled down to almost no kitchen is the trend. In fact kitchens with absolutely no stove. The modern life does not include family dinners and home cooked meals. Pre-made meals from grocery stores, cooked meals delivered to your home are the increasing trend. Everyone can see restaurants busy and increasing everywhere. Heating up and tweaking what was left over for the next meal.

The question that was written…Are stoves going the way of sewing machines? Wait a minute …I bought at least two different portable sewing machines to store in my house. It felt good to know I had one. Mostly didn’t even open it up. When asked why I wanted one…you know when maybe you have a seam that needs stitching. Truth I always took those to the tailor. So probably if I looked there is no sewing machine currently in my house (I never really sewed).

Then what about the stove? Of course I need the stove…where else would I store those pots and pans? Well truth is I don’t need those since I don’t cook. But what about the time a group of French kids came over to cook a multi-course meal for me. How embarrassing I had to run to the neighbors houses to borrow the pans they needed. Not now…I have pans. The next time someone wants to cook in my kitchen I’m ready. Maybe I could do without the stove and make it an actual storage place.

My modern up to date life style hasn’t changed for husband thought we should change the kitchen into something useful …like a library years ago. Hmm …maybe I was a trend setter!

2 thoughts on “Remember Parties in the Kitchen

  1. I know when someone is talking about partying in the kitchen, it isn’t your place. Now I do remember many parties in the kitchen as a young adult in my twenties and thirty’s, although my kitchen was small. Small meant close contact…. It became a sport!

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    1. Believe it or not I had lots if parties at my house. We used to be the party house. Remember I told you people wanted my recipe for champagne punch. I wasn’t the cook but I was a great hostess and people had fun.

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