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Newfoundland Dogs

We found the lavender farmer, Alan, sitting on a bench along the Harbor with his 13 month old puppy. A Newfoundland dog. He told us that this breed is the only breed of dog originating in Canada. Apparently a combination of a labrador and a pyrenees. They are big and lovable…they are water rescue dogs.

It was fun to run into Alan. He ran the lavender farm and had the first goat yoga classes I ever saw. Alan had some wonderful dogs then..a border collie that always ran to greet you when visitors stopped by the farm. Then he got some beautiful pyrenees puppies last year. Sadly Alan said he has closed his farm for visitors.

He had big fields of lavender to wander through. He had peacocks, quail and many exotic birds. He had several goats, ducks and various small animals.,His farm was not far from Sidney so I went several times to visit and talk and bring visitors.. He is quite a character. Apparently he had a stroke when he was at home alone working on paperwork. Luckily he managed to call 911 before he passed out. I told him that I wrote about him on my blog and that I considered him one of the characters of Sidney. He laughed…it was great running in to him.

I was with my cousin Jim…Jim and Cathy have three Newfoundland dogs. One of each kind …black, brown and one black and white. With our Canadian ancestry it was fun to discover they originated in Canada. Big wonderful dogs

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