San Diego life style

Salt Spring Island and Raffi

Cousin Jim and I took the ferry to Salt Spring Island.

Truthfully my favorite Gulf island. Today is the Street Market. It is the best … you must make everything you sell by hand to participate. And you must live on the Island. There is nothing like it … you can feel the creativity and uniqueness. I talked with a man who made beads from roses. He talked about how many flowers he squashed down to make one bead. Of course beautiful silver jewelry… a man had these cute little doors. I asked him about them…they are fairy doors for your garden. Oh my gosh he had written stories to go with each fairy door. So creative. A lady presses her flowers and makes beautiful jewelry. So much that was so unique.

Then I fell in love … little kids had their own tables and signs in the middle of the market. Selling what they had made. I was a sucker for them ..

.the cutest boy eating his homemade chocolate chip cookie …I told him he wasn’t supposed to eat the merchandise. Some kids had picked their berries and squeezed them into juice…I bought the painted wood pieces that were magnets. Such a great idea having the kids participate.

The biggest and most incredible surprise for me was Raffi. The Raffi …sitting at a table selling his CDs and books. No way …I had to ask …Are you really Raffi? Do you know how much joy you bring to kids and teachers everywhere? He smiled… of course we had a little chat…loved him…amazing guy with a big heart. He made my day.

Then we drove around the island and found the cheese shop …great stop yummy lunch. much fun!

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