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Go to the Emergency

That is often the answer as to how to get medical service in Canada. I have heard that suggestion many times as I wander around Canada regarding how to get seen for medical issues.

Well I know in the US that is also a strategy but not a good one. What about real emergencies? The other day I injured myself exercising and I wanted to consult with someone for medical advice. Just to understand what was going on. I know we have a walk-in clinic in Sidney. I remembered seeing it as I drove by. So I got online to look into it’s exact location and to be seen. Well they have hours and a system that it seems usually says we’re full. I decided to investigate in person. A nice gal and a sign out the door explained that indeed they were full. So I decided to chat and learn how the system works. Apparently you need to get in line real early in the morning to get an appointment. The gal’s advice to me was to go to the emergency at the hospital to get seen. But my situation is not an emergency. Then she explained if I do get a walk in appointment in the future they will charge me $100 for the visit. Then they will refer me to the emergency to get my elbow x-rayed with more charges. As she looked at my bulbous slightly warm swelling on my elbow she asked if she could touch it. Sure…I have to admit it does look weird and it does feel funny… all squishy. So we talked some more …I told her I did not want to take time from true hospital emergencies and I would wait until I get back to the states. Then before I left she asked if she could touch it again. Of course…at least my situation entertained her.

I discussed my encounter with the medical system in Canada with my landlords. They said they have to go through the same situation. Geoff said their medical program in Canada is broken. They both recommended I go to the emergency at the hospital. Can you imagine the emergency room when everyone recommends that as the way to get seen. I’ll wait!!!

2 thoughts on “Go to the Emergency

    1. For sure is nuts here. Sadly people wait months for scheduled surgeries. Appreciate what we have. I can see it is far better.🤗

      Peggy Fleury

      On Sat, Aug 24, 2019, 4:13 PM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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