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The last 3 summers I have enjoyed attending the United Church here in Sidney. It is the closest to how I was raised …Methodist and my grandparents were Presbyterian. In Canada the two joined together and formed the United Church. The women pastor is a character and one I have thoroughly enjoyed. This summer she has been preaching on topics regarding connecting with Nature. It such a gorgeous area they are right on the money.

Today was me all over. I walked in to see the center table covered with beach sand a bucket and shovel and many seashells and other things picked up from the beach. Her topic was Beachcombing. She said her favorite place on all the Earth is the beach …ditto. In prayer she had us imaging our favorite beach …walking barefoot in the sand…the ocean splashing over our feet …the sights and smells of the ocean.

Oh man so easy for me! It was a super sermon and experience appreciating the wonders of living by the beach. As part of the service we got to come to the beach table and choose a treasure found on the beach. I chose a great shell that I will take home and treasure with the memories of enjoying nature and Sidney. What a great service for me as my last one this summer before I return to San Diego.

Interesting to me is that it reminded me of when I was in Scotland earlier this year. Gordon and I took the ferry to the Isle of Islay. When we stood peering over the rail I looked down on the beach and saw the most perfect shell. It was all by itself on the beach. I looked at Gordon and said that is there for me. So I went down the steps and picked it up. It is now a treasure at home on my shelf. This new shell will go right next to that one. Real treasures to me. No question I am definitely a beach girl and like the pastor said the beach is my favorite place on Earth.

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