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In the Middle of the Night

Why is it that as your mind reviews the day you can see what happened more clearly. I just realized I made a big mistake when I tried to help two really old ladies. I found them standing at the door out of the pier hotel. They were both standing with their walkers and trying to get the door open. They were making no progress with the heavy doors so I stopped to help. I held the door open wide and helped them figure out how to walk through one at a time until they were both out. Then they seemed lost and I thought someone should be with them.

I wasn’t sure where they were trying to go. One of them asked where they were supposed to meet the bus. I asked if they were with a group from a senior home. Yes. Where is your group? They are scattered everywhere. I told them which direction would lead them to the street. Pointed them in that direction and continued on my way.

I thought they shouldn’t be out on their own. In the middle of the night I realize I helped them escape. The supervising adult probably thought they would be safe wandering the lobby while they handled other seniors. But I came along and enabled the escape. I imagine it created some chaos trying to figure out where those ladies went. Then when found they would wonder how they got out. Knowing the people of Sidney I am sure they eventually got reconnected with their group. Wish I had thought this out more before I left them. I didn’t get it until the middle of the night. Good deed gone wrong.

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