San Diego life style

Sidney Bakery

It always smells good walking into the bakery. The first year I was up here I heard about the bakery. I was sitting out in front of Starbucks when I got into a conversation with a couple from the state of Washington. They told me they drive up to Sidney a couple times a year specifically to go to the bakery. Really I couldn’t imagine it. Why? Well it turned out they were hooked on their Apple fritters.

Hmmm..Interesting. Now I’m not a bakery girl but if someone drives that far to come for an apple fritter … I should check it out. So in I went …OMG they are so big. I ordered one and sat down to try. Sugar …Sugar… sugar. There didn’t seem to be much Apple…couldn’t finish it.

So that ended the bakery visits for that year. I have walked into the bakery several times since and looked around mostly not buying anything.

Well when I was listening to Edie Daponte on Sunday she sang a song she had written… a song about the Sidney bakery. Well that put it back on my mind. Her song was cute and so Sidney. It was about bumping into a man in the bakery who looked into her eyes the way her husband used to…fun …the catch was …the man in the bakery was 105 years old. So Sidney.

My last day … I thought I should go check the bakery out again today. I ordered the Apple fritter… I did my best to eat it eventually the sugar overwhelmed me and I had to stop.

I haven’t lived in a town with a bakery for several years. We had Devaney’s in Pacific Beach … that is long gone. I am just not into bakeries. When I walk in I feel pressure to find something to order ….hard for me to do. Famous but not for me.

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