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One Last Sidney Look

One more comment I must make about this summer in Sidney. I just love all the book stores in Sidney. That is something that is unique about the town of Sidney.

There are only two main streets in Sidney. Crazy that in that small space there are 9 book stores. I mean books that you can hold in your hands and actually turn the pages. So incredible in the day of kindles and other digital books.

Many of the stores sell used books. So many of these treasures that can only be found in the book stores. Tanner book store is the biggest one and has many of the newest books on the market. Other stores are: The Haunted book store, Military book store, Children’s book store, Country book store and more all fun places to enjoy books.

Sidney is officially designated a Book Town…there are only a few towns so designated in the world. Just one more thing that I so love about Sidney…they value and treasure the same things I do.

While I was in San Diego last Winter they had an election. There was a big push to get rid of their current mayor …he was bending to the wishes of developers way too much. Well the fun part is the owner of Tanner book store won by a landslide. I loved hearing that.

Books touch my soul … I just loved reading Farenheit 451(the temperature where books burn) by Ray Bradbury.. the story was such a neat idea about what people would do to save what was in books. I talked about that so much that all the kids and teachers at my school knew how much I loved that story. I met Ray Bradbury a couple of times and had him sign my copy of the book.

My teenage job was at the library and I spent hours reading and looking at books for kids. I have some books that are special to me. One is a picture book that belonged to my grandfather when he was a boy in Scotland. The pictures are from Queen Victoria’s day.

I have a little book that my great aunt gave my uncle when he was growing to be a man. “If” by Rudyard Kipling. I’ve read it again and again. I love the Mark Twain books that I remember hearing my father chuckling as he read. A couple of my cousins all have multiple copies of Louie L’amour books. They read them again and again …it reminds them of their Dad and his love of those stories. My cousin Jim is never without a copy of a Louie L’amour book.

I hope people will always love books and the joy of turning the pages. I just don’t think you can have the same kind of special memories with a kindle. There’s something special about a book. There is something really spectacular about a town that is designated a book town. I love all the special small town fun of Sidney, the book town and the town by the sea.

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