San Diego life style

The Days After

9/11 was such a horrible time. There was however an amazing part of that time. It was how the world reacted and how we as a country reacted after such a devastating happening. Do you remember how everyone everywhere flew their flags?Flags were flying all over …on cars and from most houses and huge ones from businesses.

The La Jolla Play house produced a play Come From Away about how the Canadians took in and cared for all the Americans when the planes were forced to land. There were more people from the planes than usually lived there. Love and kindness was what was showered on all. The play was outstanding and won the Tony.

They world came to our support and so much kindness happened everywhere. For awhile the world loved the way I wish we always loved. All I could think was it was so wonderful to see the deep down kindness of people in general.

My brother shared the story of the respect shown to the USS Winston Churchill by the crew on a German Destroyer. They requested permission to come alongside. Permission was granted and the American flag was flying half staff on the flag pole of the German ship. The entire German crew was standing at attention facing the American ship. They were holding a big sign that read …We Are With You. The American captain called everyone’s attention to view what was happening.

There were so many similar stories of the world showing America respect and love. So wish our world had not turned so…I yearn for those days when we all cared. I don’t want the bad part but, I sure am glad I experienced such a showing of love from so many.

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