San Diego life style

Enjoying September and Mission Bay!

September means kids are back in school. The beach belongs to the locals. Such a wonderful time.

However Mission Bay is always a busy place. Last weekend it was Thunder Boat weekend. The area gets fenced off and security takes over. You can only enter if you buy tickets. Of course all the neighbors and curiosity seekers have learned where to go and stand to watch outside of the fence. I noticed this year more is blocked and the event organizers are cutting off some of the viewing spots. Parking …always a premium is around East Bay. People all walking and carrying their chairs and picnics for a fun day. Three days with the Thunder Boats and amazingly they are not as loud as they used to be. That’s nice.

Now here it is weekend again and another annual September event. It is the Polynesian Island event. Lots of people, music and food all celebrating the Polynesian culture all over the island. Many people love going to this event and again parking around the bay is a repeat in crowds like last weekend. I try to avoid driving by. It can be traumatic. A couple of years ago I was stopped at the light on Ingraham right at the corner of the event. OMG I looked over and all I could see was these men that belonged to some group in their Polynesian costume. That meant I was staring at a row of big …naked butts. Geez. Not a sight I want to see again. So on purpose I don’t drive over the bridges this weekend or if I do I don’t look to the East. San Diegans sure do love to use our bay.

The other day I swung by a place I hadn’t stopped by in several years. The crazy part it is just blocks from my house. The Model Yacht Pond. This has always been a neat place for enthusiasts to play with their wind driven and remote controlled boats. I stopped and was blown away. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. People like me don’t seem to go there. It is kind of like a secret hide away. Very few people were there …kind of like a beach of your own how neat. I need remember to go back and enjoy. MISSION BAY always a special place to hang. Such a variety of fun no matter the time of year.

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