San Diego life style

Last Day of Summer

They say we don’t have seasons in San Diego. The reality is we definitely do. It is just that the changes are subtle. Summer always has been and always will be my absolute favorite. So on the last day of summer I am sorry to see it go. Our seasons are not just weather and nature changes. Our changes are people activity changes.

Summer is hit the beach time. Family get togethers and picnics on the beach. Late night hanging out… more free time to socialize and have friends over. We remember our patios and barbecues. Fires in the beach fire pits. Learning how to cook marshmallows at the end of metal coat hangers. Incredible sunsets … standing around watching for the green flash with a crowd.

Crowds …yes sharing our community with the world. Tourists … they can’t believe how wonderful San Diego is. Would we even realize it if it wasn’t for their comments. So many times I hear them say they are sad to be heading home but they will definitely be back. That’s when I know for sure…. I live in Paradise. Then I look out and smile … how lucky I am. Bare feet on the beach …. sand in my car … even sometimes between my sheets. I love that because it tells me it is summer with all the beach fun. I keep hearing them say it’s the last day of Summer. Bummer!!

Oh I forgot… the other Seasons are a lot like Summer…So I can carry on…enjoying all I love here. Now with fewer people and crowds. I can actually find times on the beach when I am the only one and it really is my beach. Yeah!!

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