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Symphony Hall

Enjoyed another concert last night in this beautiful Hall. It originally opened in 1929 as Fox Theater. In 1984 it was updated to the current Hall. It is always great to hear performances with the outstanding acoustics of this building. I sat in the balcony … late buying tickets … that made the stage best seen with binoculars. My friend came prepared with her binoculars and could get great views

The special part of being up that high was sitting close to the beautiful old ceiling and all it’s glory. In a way that made it a special place to sit.

Two of my favorite concerts I have heard there in the past was James Galway, the Irish fluotist with the clear beautiful tones of his flute and Iszak Perlman with the strings of his violin reverberating throughout the building. Both were amazing.

Last night it was the golden tones of Johnny Mathis. He has an unforgettable voice and amazing stamina for an 83 year old almost 84 year old man. The symphony orchestra provided a great background for his singing. I was amazed that he just kept going from one song to the next with barely a breath in between. You could see he loved singing. He said he chose from his songs that were fun for him to sing. I was glad I was able to hear him singing in Symphony Hall.

He brought a comedian with him as a break for himself and the orchestra. The comedian was good and he had fun walking away from the microphones to tell jokes and show off the acoustics of the building. Yes even in the balcony you could hear him without the microphone. Another great evening in San Diego’s wonderful Symphony Hall.

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