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How About that Candy

Halloween is coming. You can tell because the stores are filled with candy. It got me thinking about candy. I was wondering about what candy was available in my youth. What I found was so interesting that I want to share some of it. I have never checked into this or thought about it before.

It turns out the oldest candy company is. NECCOs and interestingly enough… It was the first that came to my mind. It was invented in 1901. Oliver and Solar Chase. They patented the first American candy machine. Civil war soldiers had early versions of the candy. NECCO stands for New England Confectionary Company. It operated near Boston, Massachusetts. Interesting …at least to me.

Kit Kat candy bar was invented in 1935 in York, England. Joseph Rowntree he got the name from a popular nightclub in the West End of London.

Milk Duds were invented by S. le Noble in 1926. Milk comes from the large amount of milk in the candy. Dud came from the aim to make the candy perfectly round. That was found impossible…making it a dud.

Reeses pieces. They ware created by HB Reese, a former dairy farmer and shipping foreman for Hershey. Reeses was introduced in 1928.

M&Ms stands for Mars and Murrie. They were first sold in 1941. When WWII began they were sold exclusively to the US military. The sugar coating prevented the candy from melting in warm climates like the Pacific. M&Ms were issued in cardboard tubes as part of the soldier’s rations.

Check out a favorite candy and see the history. You will be amazed the candy stories. Should have known as much as people love candy there would be stories.

Last week I saw Neccos in the store. I got to thinking about them again and was going to buy some. I looked all over the store today and had clerks helping me look. They told me how they remembered them when they were kids. No Neccos in the store today. Next time I see them…They are a definite buy. Funny thing is that I don’t eat that much candy but, it sure is fun to think about.

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