San Diego life style

Things Happen to Me

Of course they happen to everyone. I think they are life’s challenges. They are crazy and give you something to look back on and laugh.

So I am in the middle of cataract surgery and recovery. Everyone says the same thing. It is so easy … you will love it. You will be surprised at how great you are going to see.

Ok. Well by the time I was scheduled I really wanted the surgery. I went to the appointment before the surgery and realized I needed to line up drivers. Also possibly a person to stay with me maybe. Well the usual suspects were busy and it was a little bit of a big deal to get that arranged. Drop me off …,pick me up …those were the kind of arrangements. Pretty much the way it is in the life of singles. We are an independent lot and don’t need hand holding. I remember my mom and dad … they went everywhere together and would not leave each other’s side if something was going on. Well that is not me and how I deal. So off I was at the surgery pavilion hanging out with the hospital staff. Laughing and chatting about our lives. They put on the wristbands …asked me over and over which eye they are working on…Really thorough about that. Then are you worried or nervous …no …That’s not me. Heart rate and blood pressure confirmed that.

So in comes the doc and we chat. Then back with the nurses …by now we have bonded. Problem was we were talking so much the gal was having trouble getting the heart rate reading she needed. So we had to quiet down. You know the weird thing that I really loved was the blood pressure cuff. Every now and then it would slowly tighten up…like someone saying I’m here. I could hear everyone talking and the touching of my eye. I could see nothing. I was so relaxed. Eventually they were done. They told me everything went well and as expected… great.

The anesthesiologist came over and showed me how much medicine he had left over. He said you were so calm we didn’t have to use this. Well that turned out to be really good news. I went home not all drugged up and felt great. So back home and then …no bending over…no bath…no washing your hair. Also set your alarm because you have to put in a bunch of drops. Different people called and checked…all was fine.

One call reminded me that I had not been able to see during the surgery. I started thinking about that….was I supposed to be seeing. Then I started getting crazy …am I blind? That’s nutty but it is what I thought. How come I wasn’t watching the surgeon like in a previous surgery. Then of course …what would my life be like . Lucky that was not the case but it sure made me think . Life would be tough if I couldn’t see out of that eye. Then Doctor’s appointment in the morning and I had pressure readings that were too high. Apparently a side effect from the surgery. Back this morning…pressure is fine. Now a little spot from where there is a stitch in my eye. I need to put lotion in my eye the next five nights. So this surgery was just a touch more than I expected. Do it again in December. Then I think I will see super good. Somehow things are always different with me. Never boring. Vision is a good thing. I am glad Docs are around to help me see… how different life would be without that sight. BTW I was practically blind …falls and dings on cars to prove ..I was quietly moving around in a kind of fuzzy world. . I needed this surgery.

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