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Decorating for Halloween

Some places go crazy with their Halloween Decorations. I just had a wonderful lunch at Barbarella’s a fun restaurant at La Jolla Shores. Getting into the holiday spirit is what they do. Christmas is amazing there. Today Halloween decorations were everywhere and they said …No …They are not finished. After all this is just October 1st.

I asked if they hired someone professionally. Oh No…They do it all themselves. I think the employees really enjoy it. The craziest one to me was the moving Prirate ship on the roof.

I will have to check back later in the month to see the final deal. I hope it doesn’t include spooky sounds I hate that.

I had a couple of cousins who spent months getting ready for their Halloween Decorations…lots of papier mache items and creepy noises. They had so much fun with it. Kids from neighborhoods all around came to see what these crazy adult kids had done. Halloween is a silly holiday …so many businesses have their employees dress up.

Have you ever thought about how tourists react when they see all the costumes and craziness in our country. I used to volunteer at the visitor’s center. It was interesting trying to explain to people why when it is Halloween everyone gets crazy and dresses up in costumes and masks. I can tell you try as I might when I was finished with my explanation there were a lot of puzzled faces and hmmm???… Americans!!

Sea world, Legoland etc all decorated with lots of Halloween activities ready for trick or treaters. Oh forget it when trying to explain that.

I have been that practice house for the little guys in the neighborhood. We tell them …now say trick or treat …Then I give them their candy …Really….they know for sure I am nuts!🤣

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