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It’s Pumpkin Time

Pumpkins everywhere … I love seeing them but I am resisting buying them. I love the way they stacked them up for display at the Vons.

Pumpkins all over the store. With such a beautiful day and all the pumpkins it made me want to go to the pumpkin patch.

I love heading out to Bates Nut Farm…running through the patch for the perfect pumpkin. Finding the super big ones and the perfectly round one. The one with the flat side and little guys. Somehow there is always one that calls to me.

Store bought just not the same.

Jumping in the haystack…eating your picnic lunch with the wasps… checking out the farm animals. Even the drive out there is great. I am going to hold off on getting a pumpkin. Maybe I can talk someone into driving out there to Bates Nut Farm and enjoying a great Fall adventure.

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