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Margaritaville …oh no!

Margaritaville will be in my backyard replacing the cottages and fun restaurants and bars that are part of Paradise Point. I love Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville. In fact I am what is known as a Parrothead. Still the changes worry me.

The 44 acres on Mission Bay that is Vacation Island will become Margaritaville. They will turn the area into the first Margaritaville on the west coast. The plans are to build a 462 room beachfront hotel … obviously that means it will be multi-story buildings. They are spending $35 million. The mile of beachfront views will be overlooking the bay. There will be five pools, tennis courts, a spa, fitness center, 80,000 square feet of meeting space. The Maryland based Pebblebrook company acquired the property in 2018. It is scheduled to open 2020.

I agree that the Margaritaville lifestyle is synonymous with fun. I sure hope it will be fun for me and I will not feel bad about what we lost in Paradise Point. Fingers crossed this brings fun and a great new place at the beach to live the So Cal life. Fins up.

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