San Diego life style

Chin up …keep smiling

Sometimes you have to take it in the chin. Get knocked down and get back up. My life is a good one so I am lucky. And yet sometimes a few things try to drag me down. No way I am still happy.

This morning the mailman brought me a certified letter from the City of San Diego. It’s no secret that is not going to be good news. It was a letter of liability demanding I take immediate action to fix the City sidewalk or face legal action. Oh my goodness. That spot on the sidewalk has been raised for more than 50 years. Scott fell on it skateboarding when he was a kid. He had to go to the hospital. So I went outside still in my robe and drinking my coffee to study the situation. You don’t have to convince me …you can’t fight city hall. You just have to figure out how to satisfy them.

The notice said sidewalk damage caused by private tree. All of a sudden I realized that part of the sidewalk is not in front of my house. I went next door to talk with my neighbor. I showed him the notice and that it is not in front of my house.

Then he noticed it said property was his but liability was assigned to me. It also said friendly things like take care of it immediately or face legal action. Now …how do I take care of a sidewalk that is not mine?? It is true I have the. tallest tree but it might be a different tree on their property. My sidewalk is totally flat and land to my fences are flat. The moving driveway and sidewalk on their side. Hmmm!

I was talking to the neighbor when his young son came up and wanted to know what we were talking about. I told him I was getting his Dad’s thoughts about the problem. He said I have a thought …how about we get a hammer and start pounding on it. Good idea. Nothing with the City is that easy.

First permits are required. I played that game on another property…$3000 later and tons of time I was granted the permit. I know the rules …be nice…be patient…keep smiling…ask questions ..incredulous regarding the situation and beg for their assistance. Monday morning here I go again. Still happy …still smiling.

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