San Diego life style

Darkness lasting longer

The darkness time of year is coming. The days are growing shorter. Sleeping in is a lot easier. Going to bed earlier is a thought. Funny how it seems to sneak up and then there it is … why is it still dark? .. is my clock right? Then there I am waiting for sunrise. Pets still sleeping … young children still snuggling. My internal clock yells get up … you don’t want to waste the day. It’s 6 am and still dark. It is so cool and fresh outside. Love early morning… How did that happen?

Interesting how people of different ages respond to wake up time.

When I was young it was difficult to get me up. I would respond to those yelling at me hmm hhh and then roll over and go back to sleep. It always felt so comfy just at getting up time …Getting up was the last thing I wanted. I should apologize to all those who had the task of waking me. I was the worst. My poor brother …then my poor husband. They tried everything…even hot coffee didn’t work. News of a beautiful sunrise..nope. I would go to work and sympathize with my students and talk about how comfy our beds felt. Hot coffee was a must to start functioning … seriously. On my way to work I would swing by the gym. Who was there? Seniors ??? I really didn’t understand it. They said it is because they could’t sleep so up they would come.

Then my life changed and I became a widow. There was no one to plead with me to wake up. I worried how was I going to get up and make it where I needed to get on my own. Oh dear… how embarrassing… I did it. Such guilt to think what I had put people through. I actually did it easily.. My mind gave me no choice. I learned we do what we have to. Then I saw all the things I had been told …nice fresh air, beautiful sunrises… sorry I didn’t share them with my husband. Darkness such a thing …you can’t see …and the world feels different. When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark. Now I love the dark.

Now 6:30. am and it is daylight. No sunrise today …good morning fog. People are starting to walk their dogs and it’s official day has begun. Every evening it is going to creep up and get dark earlier. Time to think of fun in the dark.

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