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So Many Kittens

How can we have so many kittens rescued and available for adoption? I don’t know why but I decided I wanted to adopt one. I went to the San Diego Humane Society.

Now is the time when they are very busy with kitten adoptions. I stopped by the San Diego Humane Society to look. I saw a really cute one so I signed up. My name and the kitty I liked. It would be a two and one half hour wait before I could see the adoption counselor…ok…it was cute. So kept name on list and took off to run errands. It was after all Sunday. After awhile I came back …still an hour wait.

Sit down time. Time to get to know everyone waiting. That’s when the, “Oh no!” hit. I thought I had reserved a kitty. Nope! That’s not how it works. When they checked on the kitty earlier …it was just to see if it was available. The kitty I liked could go at any time. So one of the volunteers encouraged me to stay… only 3 people on the list ahead of you want kittens … with all the kittens what are the odds that it will be chosen. Hmmm well as it turned out pretty good. The family right in front of me chose it. So I told them to cross my name off the list and I went home … no kitty.

A few days later I decided to look again. This time with my grandson. I told him I wanted a young male with a fat tummy and a really good personality. So I saw a calico …neat. It was already chosen and true for the little Siamese. There was a pretty orange one …so. when it was my turn I told the counselor I liked that one. She told we it was really “spicy”. She encouraged me to look further. So we went in another room several cute ones. Somehow I couldn’t go for the black one Bruce liked. My mother’s superstitions … no black cats. We were about to leave when I zoned in on this slightly older orange cat. It had greeted us the minute we opened the door to that room. We brought him home. Four months old …turned out to be perfect. Already playful… eats and drinks and yeah …uses the litter box.

Bruce stayed and helped me get him settled in. They slept together. No crying kitty…just a happy contented kitty…Thanks to Bruce and his magical ways. The kitty is named choice about that. When we lived in this house and the kids were little guys. We had an orange cat named Danny.

We also have “Jackie” as a required named for a dog..3 family dogs with that name…one my husband’s childhood pet .,.one when kids were young and then one when I dreamt about having a cocker spaniel. Then just had to get one. No current “Jackie’s” in the family.

The kitty is a great kitty with super personality…I told Bruce we were lucky and got the best one. Something wonderful about the Humane society… seniors get to choose a kitty for free . In fact they have so many they encourage you to get two…free kittys. Go get a kitty … they have so many that need adoption.

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