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Bates Nut Farm

I’ve always loved a trip to Bates Nut Farm in the Fall. It seems like the only right place to get pumpkins. The other day was a perfect Fall day and great weather for a trip there. The fresh air felt so wonderful. Usually I think of going there with the kids and enjoy their delight in running free through the pumpkins and seeing the hillsides and farm animals.

The other day I was lucky enough to have some big kids willing to go with me. That was particularly fun. We moved around and through the pumpkins in our senior citizen style. I had to sit down and just snuggle with the pumpkins … fun. I love the feel of a big fat pumpkin. It was the best … outside, blue skies and sunshine. Haystack, scarecrows and what … even White pumpkins??? Orange is pumpkin color for me of course

The people at Bates do such a great job staging the Farm and making it a great country experience for town folk. On weekdays you will always find school buses. They design a super experience for the school kids. Getting them out with the Farm animals, tractors, hay stacks and mostly wide open spaces such a memorable time for the kids.

The farm brings back many wonderful memories to me with students and also my own kids. It is a great place to run around and just feel good.

Those pumpkins seem to be getting heavier. Love the wheelbarrows…that’s smart ..then you can carry more pumpkins. So glad Bates Nut Farm has been maintained. A happy place especially in the Fall.