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Walking for their Boobies

Every Fall we have the Breast Cancer 3-day in my neighborhood. A group of mostly women walk for three days to raise money to help the fight for Breast Cancer. It is an amazing fund raiser and they raise a lot of money. The walk is 20 miles each day with a total of 60 miles for the entire walk. They take a different route each day but end up each night back in Crown Point right across the point from where I live. They spend the night in tents. Rain or shine. Some years it has been brutally cold and pouring. This year the weather has been perfect.

I was talking with my retired lifeguard neighbor. He told me he has worked the foot

injury station in the past. Ouch!! He said all I can say is their feet are not a sexy sight. They get some pretty big blisters..

During those three days I pass them walking all around my neighborhood. I am so proud of them. Many of them are breast cancer survivors or are actually fighting the disease at this moment. I always hear about the comeradery and support

that develops as the women walk and talk each day. Today is the last day and it is amazing how fresh and determined they look as they set off for the final walk.

Tonight many will be sad to say goodbye to their walking companions. It makes me happy to see them … they have a lot of fun with costumes and signage that enjoys the idea of walking to save their boobs. They get quite creative. Many of their men support the walk …following along …bringing Starbucks and whatever the gals need as they walk. Lots of smiling and laughing. You go girls!!! It is a joyous day in my neighborhood.

These are some of the many volunteers.