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I am imagining how my life will change next week. I am scheduled for my second cataract surgery. By the end of the week the eye doctor will remove the patch. It will be like all the times I have seen people get their first sense … of sight or seeing color or hearing. I have been bumping around with vision issues since I was in the third grade. That’s when the teacher realized I couldn’t see and sent a note home to my parents. The funny thing was I didn’t know I couldn’t see.

My parents took me to the eye doctor and I got my first pair of glasses. I remember my Dad showing me his watch and I could read the numbers on the watch for the first time. We both laughed it tickled me so.

The biggest surprise for me was that night. For the first time I looked up and saw the stars. I loved my glasses they were plaid with little Scottie dogs on the hinges. I know you are supposed to feel bad if you wear glasses but I didn’t I just loved being able to see.

When I was a teenager sometimes I would walk around without my glasses. That didn’t really work because people would see me across the street and I would not recognize them. Not a socially good deal.

When I met my husband we both wore glasses. He would ask me to do him the favor of removing my glasses for pictures. He said he wanted to see my face better. So even today I almost always grab my glasses off my face for pictures. Pretty silly.

As a teacher I was often able to encourage children getting their first glasses to actually wear them. We would wear glasses together. So at the doctor’s yesterday he told me my right has been corrected to 20/25. Wow …I don’t think I have been seeing that well even with glasses. I am realizing that next week I will see better than I have since I was 8 years old.

When I was at the doctor’s office a blind man and his seeing eye dog were checking out. He came to the desk to report that water had overflowed onto the floor in the bathroom. When I went in I saw what he meant. The receptionist said he was trying to give his dog water and it spilled. He called back to the office to apologize for spilling the water. It seemed he appeared at that moment to help me realize that living without sight is tough.

I can’t imagine …only wonder and anticipate how it will be when I can see so much better. I am like a little kid excited for the change in my life and the joy of good vision.

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