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Christmas trees and Kittens

So I bought my Christmas tree yesterday. This year I am having to make special considerations. I have a new kitten and he is a jumper. He is funny because of how high he jumps. He has landed on me all claws forward…ouch. He knocks things over and lands on my other two cats. Mostly he makes me laugh.

I decided not to get any of my usual decorations out. I would just be watching them crash to the floor and break. I also decided not to get a cut tree because the whole tree would hit the floor as it is knocked over by my kitten. So the plan …buy a living tree in a pot … dirt and all. The thought is the weight will kept it standing upright. Yesterday was the planned day to get the tree.

My normal spot has been Home depot… what a shock this year. Their trees were awful. Right in front of the store was a cut tree with tons of …I kid you not…Brown needles for the bargain price of $66. The live trees in pots looked worse than any Charlie Brown tree you’ve ever seen. Those by the way were $88. It was my intention to get a tree right there and then. I just couldn’t …I walked away. I had heard they would be more expensive but not that they would be plain ugly.

So I went to Andersen’s nursery …I always believe things are more expensive there. I walked in and everything was beautiful. All lush and green really better than I expected. The shape and fullness of the live trees was amazing. Right away I spotted the one I wanted …perfect shape. Of course it was tucked behind other trees and I had to ask for help from the gardner to get it out. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. So I braced myself and got ready to look at the price. Well I had to look twice … actually 3 times. It was $60. Less than any at Home Depot. And would you believe the tree is guaranteed for life. Seriously what does that mean …whose life?? It is one of the most beautiful trees I have ever gotten. The Gardner said Monrovia is the grower and they always get good trees from them. He saw how thrilled I was and then as he rung me up he said, “it must be destiny. ” The last name of the man who brings me the trees is Fleury. I went home a happy camper. No glass balls this year …only lights a few things that can’t be knocked off but I love my tree. My next problem who will take my beautiful tree after the holidays. My yard is already filled with trees …no place for my tree. I will have to find it a home. Merry Christmas.

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